Maximum quality and services at the customer are our premises. Working in a constant way for the fulfillment of these values, SURFAQUIM has suffered an important process of technicalization at all levels, establishing it as a leading sector mark.

Our capacity in the different areas of work, allows us be the reference of a lot of our customers, collaborating in optimization work of process, cost minimization, and specially, in improving the final quality and introducing innovative process.  

Definitely, our goal is making at our customers more competitive.

We offer

  • Own technology and manufacture
  • Certificated of quality in raw materials and final product.
  • Analytical control and technical assistant.
  • Research and development

Analytical control and technical assistance

SURFAQUIM, has equipments of last generation to realize de control of: raw materials and final product, dissolutions and galvanic baths, and samples of pieces finished for our customers.    

All of this guarantee the production of high quality, efficiency maintenance of the processes and allow assessment the quality required for our customers.

Our technicians of our laboratory as in our factory guarantee the technical assistance with a fast reply in less of 24hours.

Equipment for analysis of baths and corrections
  • Atomic absorption
  • Automatic assessment
  • Ionic chromatographic -HPLC



Analytical control and technical assistance

Equipment required to the quality control of every single piece finished.

  • Equipment for the test of fog saline.
  • Climatically camera for the rest of moist heat
  • Wear and tear simulator.
  • Climatically camera for the test of oxidation.

Own production

Surfaquim has different lines of optimized own production, with the follow certificates of quality  ISO 9001 y ISO 14001


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