SURFAQUIM, S.L, is a company who manufactured the vast majority of products who sells or export and completes the gamma with leader companies in the sector. (BLUCLAD, ITALGALVANO (Tecnich Group), ENTHONE SPAIN).

Our products cover since the preparation of the piece of any type of metal, at the final recovery. Been our principal products for the follow processes:  

  • Degreasing (Ultrasounds-Aspersion-Electrolytic-Chemicals)
  • Neutralizing (Acid salts for any type of process)
  • Alkaline copper and acid copper
  • Chemical nickel, electrolytic
  • Decorative chromo, hard
  • Full range of precious metals (Silver – Gold and their alloys – Paladium – Rhodium and Ruthenium).
  • White bronze bath and yellow bronze free of lead.
  • Brass bath
  • Zinc plated and alloys.
  • Passivated and sealant
  • Electrolytic lacquers and for immersion.

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